The Lawrence Bible Chapel is a non-denominational, Christ-centered, Bible- believing church that meets according to the principles set down in the New Testament.

Our purpose is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ as we gather to worship and serve our Savior, to encourage each other to grow more like Him, and to cultivate our personal relationship with the Lord Jesus daily. Our desire is to reach out to all who have not heard the Good News: that even though we deserve death as a result of our sin, Jesus died for each of us on the cross and rose from the dead, and now freely offers forgiveness of sin and everlasting life to whoever will believe in Him.

We meet using the pattern followed by the early church (Acts 2:42) of 1) corporate prayer (Wednesday), 2) worship of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Lord’s Supper or communion(Sunday), 3) Christian fellowship and 4) Bible-based teaching.

Children are welcome in each of these meetings so feel free to keep your children with you. We provide children Sunday-School classes (10:15 am) as well as a baby nursery and child care for ages 1-4 during the main teaching time (11:15).

On Wednesday evening at 6:15 pm we meet together as a church to share a potluck fellowship meal. Prayer meeting begins at 7:10.

Other activities such as Bible studies, kid’s club and outreach activities happen at various times during the week.

The head and great Shepherd of the church is the Lord Jesus Christ. We have four elders who lead our local church.